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Before We Arrive

Welcome to Peaches'N Clean!

What to do before Peaches ‘n Clean come to your home or business to service your floors.

We are excited and grateful to have the opportunity to serve you.  Below are a few things that we need you to do to prepare for our visit so that you will receive the best care and results possible.  Our goal is to exceed your expectations!


Before we arrive:

  1. Please remove small items (toys, plants, magazine baskets, dining chairs, etc.) from the floors to be cleaned.
  2. Remove all breakable items and small knick-knacks from the furniture in the rooms where we will be cleaning.  This also includes any small items from shelves or walls that could easily be bumped while someone is working in the room.
  3. If you have floor-length draperies or skirts around furniture pieces, please pin these up or tuck them into the mattresses or chair cushions so they won’t touch the flooring while it is damp.
  4. Computer equipment, televisions or other electronic devices, antique and fragile furniture, or pieces with glass tops cannot be moved.  Large pieces such as entertainment centers, china cabinets, beds, etc. that cannot be moved safely by the technician without outside assistance cannot be moved.  However, we will make every effort to clean as close to these pieces or as far under them as the space and equipment will allow.
  5. Our technicians will ask that you allow them to walk with you through the rooms to be cleaned for an inspection prior to cleaning.  This is a very important step in our cleaning process.  Please make our technicians aware of problem areas and your concerns.
  6. During the walk-through, please make our technicians aware of any special instructions regarding moving your furniture, especially pieces that have had prior damage or repairs, or if there are any pieces that you do not want moved.
  7. Please have your pets in a safe, quiet place during the cleaning process.  Your door may be left ajar at times during the cleaning process and we don’t want your pets to wander outside or to be disturbed by our technicians.
  8. We will do everything to remedy your odor problems, but it is important that you understand that we may be limited in our success.  The source of the odor will determine how successful we are.  Often times, pet urine has contaminated the pad or sub-flooring underneath your carpet and the odor cannot be eliminated without proper treatment of those surfaces.  For several days after cleaning and especially during rainy or humid weather, you may notice an elevated odor.
  9. Once the technicians have finished their work, they will ask you to walk through the areas that have been serviced .  This is an important step in our process.  Our technician does not want to leave your home until he is assured that you are satisfied with his work.  If there are areas that you feel need additional attention or about which you have questions, please point these out to him at this time.

After we leave:

  1. Please limit the traffic on the carpet or tile until it is completely dry.  Wear shoe covers, which our technicians can give you before they leave, or remove shoes when entering the rooms from outside.  Drying times depend upon the weather conditions and air circulation in your home.
  2. Do not remove the plastic “chips” and “blocks” under your furniture for 48 hours after cleaning.  Moisture can remain in the carpet long after it is dry to the touch.
  3. Please do not allow children or pets to crawl or lie on the carpet or tile until it is completely dry.
  4. HARDWOOD CLEANING AND RE-COATING:  There should be NO traffic on the floors for the first two hours after we leave your home.  Walk in stocking feet only on newly re-coated hardwood floors for the first 2 hours after it is dry.  Although most furniture pieces can be replaced within 6 hours after a hardwood floor has been re-coated, rugs should not be replaced and toys and pets should not be allowed on the floor for 24 hours after it is dry.
  5. Please use extreme caution when walking from a damp carpet to any hard surface and avoid walking on a tile surface until it is completely dry.

Thank you for helping us provide the best service you have ever experienced!

We welcome your suggestions and feedback.  Please email us at if there is anything we can do to make your next experience even better.

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