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Protect Your Area Rug from Damage!

April 21st, 2015 | Jody Pangle | Tags:

Peaches ‘N Clean takes every step to protect your area rugs from any damage during cleaning:

  1. We do a 24-hour color test to ensure that we use the correct cleaning method and keep any color on your area rug from bleeding.
  2. Special grooming to ensure all the fibers in your rug are going the same direction. This helps maintain even look throughout rug especially after drying.
  3. Our Area Rug Cleaning Facility (only one in the area) has a special drying system that keeps your rugs from warping or changing shape while drying.
  4. To compliment the Peaches ‘N Cleaning, we offer a Fabric Fiber Protection that assures you of the best protection possible against re-soiling and stains. Your carpet will look better and last longer when it is protected! For more info and to see “Four Mistakes Other Cleaners Make When Applying Protector” and “6 Reasons You Should Always Apply Carpet Protector” visit our Fabric Fiber Protection Page!
  5. Moth Protection: Moths can cause extensive damage to natural fiber rugs. Eliminate these pests and the damage they can cause by having your rug moth-proofed when you have it professionally cleaned.
  6. We pay special attention to tassels and fringe. They are cleaned and groomed by hand to limit browning/discoloration and to prevent damage.

For more info visit our Area & Oriental Rugs Page

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