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Franchise Program

Welcome to Peaches'N Clean!

Franchise Program

A Peach of a Franchise Opportunity!

Exemplary Franchisee Support

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  • Supervisory and management
  • Accounting and financial systems
  • IT support  
  •  Marketing and sales
  • Inventory and purchasing support
  • Technical support – cleaning and equipment

Training and standardized procedures are provided in all these areas. Peaches ‘n Clean’s corporate staff provide a program of up to five business days of training at the franchiser’s home office and/or an existing Peaches ‘n Clean location, and up to five additional business days at the franchise owner’s Peaches ‘n Clean facility. Corporate staff will facilitate the opening of the franchise owner’s Peaches ‘n Clean facility. This consists of establishing and standardizing procedures and techniques essential to the operation of the Peaches ‘n Clean facility. Additional refresher training will be available for franchise owners and/or their managers or employees to attend. Standardized advertising copy will be available to the franchise owner. The Franchiser makes available to the franchise owner an original copy of standard bookkeeping and operations forms that will be necessary to the operation of the business. In addition, the franchiser hosts annual retreats that allow individual franchisees the opportunity to share ideas for business growth and professional development.

An Affordable Approach

1.  Low Initial Investment

Peaches ‘n Clean’s low initial investment provides for broad-based ownership possibilities. Initial capital investment required will likely include:

  • Initial required advertising expenditure of $5,000
  • Down payment for required truck-mount equipment and a one-ton paneled commercial van (lease or purchse).
  • A one-month supply of cleaning supplies.
  • Business licenses.
  • Utility and rent deposits.
  • Telephone system.
  • Appropriate office supplies

This is estimated to run between $5,000 and $25,000.

2. Exclusive Territory 

The franchise owner is granted the right to operate within an exclusive territory in exchange for a fee based upon the population of the exclusive territory according to the latest available census information.
3.  Financing Options 

Financing may be obtained by the franchise owner from an outside source, or with the appropriate references and approval, may be obtained from Peaches ‘n Clean of America, Inc., with a 50% deposit.

Why Peaches’n Clean?

The Peaches ‘n Clean system is unique in several ways:

  • It is a proven approach, based on sound, customer-oriented principles.
  • The system includes ample use of the Peaches ‘n Clean quality image and standards.
  • Strong trademark and van brand recognition.
  • Use of automation and computer-based systems.

These unique characteristics yield an effective system which is a Peach of a Franchise opportunity!

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